This is a small collection of sample libraries for the free sforzando player that I recorded and mapped myself.

They're not exactly professional-level, but they're completely free and they sound pretty okay.

Have fun!

It's buzzy, it's beepy, you play it with a pen. It's a Stylophone!

Includes 3 sounds: Bass, Lead and Classic, with additional vibrato versions of each.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet! Kalimba!

Classic kalimba sound with original diatonic tuning + additional chromatic tuning achieved by stretching the existing samples.

The other free reed rectangle.
It's a melodica!

32-key melodica with velocity-sensitive and modwheel patches.

Anything's an instrument if you try hard enough.
It's a pitch pipe!

Chromatic pitch pipe from C to C with velocity-sensitive and modwheel patches.

Play D3 (MIDI key 50) to blow.

Like a tin whistle, but bamboo.
It's a suling!

A small, end-blown flute from Indonesia. Tuned roughly to C major, but an A♭ is also playable. Due to quirks of the original tuning, the 'E' is about halfway between an E and an E♭.

A chromatic 12TET patch is also included, doubling up on some samples, and expression can be controlled with velocity or with the modwheel.

I'm Jake Loranger, a composer, producer, sound designer, and general music dork from Washington State.

One of my many hobbies is collecting instruments, so I decided to have a bit of fun recording and sampling them. That's what these are! Wow!

I produce music under the name _amaranthine, and I'm perpetually available for commissions. Check out my portfolio or my Bandcamp for examples of my work.

If you want to contact me, my
Twitter is @_amrnthne and my email
is [email protected]


(All Adequate Sounds libraries are released under the Creative Commons 0 license, meaning they're free to use without attribution).